Did you know that weeds are the saviors of the soil? That composting can be fun and creating good soil is sexy? That all of nature exists in a beautiful symbiotic relationship?

Almost anyone can teach a subject or a class but it takes a special kind of teacher to awaken your passion and reignite that same childhood enthusiasm for life. Through music, games, interactive skill building and good old fashioned, hands in the dirt, teaching methods I learned to reawaken my connection to the earth and to other people. That we are all connected and responsible to one another and the future inhabitants of this beautiful planet.

More than a class, this was a deeply moving, spiritual experience for me. And my teachers Marcus Thomson and Richard G Powell are paving the way for new generations of Earth Warriors. Get back to the Earth, get back to yourself.


-Laurel Fish


Deva’s permaculture course has adjusted my vision. I see the world with new eyes. Its content has filled my heart with hope for a sustainable future. The people and farms we visited have suffused me with an inspirational drive to join them and the permaculture movement. Re re restore the land! Thank you to my classmates and thank you Deva.
Michael Dox


“Permaculture Miami gave me inspiration and knowledge that will me allow to pursue my dreams. It has put me in a position where I’m starting to ask valuable questions. I’m ignited with this desire to grow food and share the abundance! Im grateful to Marcus, our teacher for his outstanding ability to inspire us to look within but never leaving us without a place to start. He is an excellent resource and is always willing to share. This course is a blessing ; it will be a useful foundation to anyone looking to make a difference.”

-Aly Lewis



Words cannot describe how I feel about Marcus Thomson’s Permaculture Design Course, but WOW, what an experience!
I have been studying permaculture a long time and yet I learned more than I ever have on a deeper level with Marcus Thomson.
I have taken Marcus’s  PDC course as well as MANY of his workshops, permablitzes, field trips, etc. and every time is just filled with enormous knowledge and awe. I learn so much from Marcus and his love for this Earth and human kind makes him a great teacher whose passion infects you and naturually makes you want to know more and be more.
I recommend Marcus Thomas’s Permaculture Design Certificate course and any other event that he may be facilitating because the quality of your experience with Marcus and his way of teaching permaculture will far  surpass any you’ve ever had.
I gained a vast amount of knowledge through this course and feel very confident in my understanding of permaculture design and how to implement it.
Thank you Marcus, I look forward to more!
Lucy Mesa


About 8 years ago I embarked on my first real learning experience. By real I mean it reflected the way I believed we she should all be taught and thus, learn. My teachers–Mother Earth and Community…of all sorts.  The first of those communities was a Quilombo. In the past, quilombos were settlements created by escaped Afro-Brazilian slaves and eventually any other that escaped Brazilian oppression. These were completely self-sustaining, ecologically integrated, culturally rich communities.

In the Late 80s the Brazilian Constitution established that titles of collective land tenure would be granted to rural communities that descended from former fugitive slaves.  Thanks to this, Creator moved things in the most magical of ways so that, inadvertently, I would end up amidst a Quilombo in a place I arrived to by simply closing my eyes and placing my finger on a map. There I learnt Ecology, History, Geography, Dance, Martial Arts, Anthropology, Sociology, Crafts, Song, and above all it was there were I discovered ABUNDANCE.  Overwhelming abundance. Seriously… my heart almost couldn’t take it. It was amazing how everyone learnt everything TOGETHER and everybody taught without purposely standing out asteachers.

With all this said, all I want to add is that this course was a reflection of that experience. Everything was beautifully orchestrated and perfectly coordinated so that I could leave feeling empowered by the richness and abundance of these learning processes. The tools that were provided and what was shared amongst all of us showed me that I can intentionally create a space for learning such as that which naturally occurred in the Quilombo. One of the most enriching aspects was watching you ALL apply and express all these methods, and ethics, and wisdom about teaching in your own unique ways.  In essence, this course was Permaculture at its finest.

Blessings to all… always.


Carolina Alzate


Having had grown up in the Florida Keys I was always mesmerized by nature. Whether a creature crawled, slithered, swam, flew, jumped or ran away from me, I always on its trail normally topless and barefoot. I was a tomboy who stuck boys because we liked similar things. But what made me different from the boys I hung out with was the fact that I preferred saving and caring for nature and her animals instead of lighting them on fire with hair spray and lighters. I never felt like I fit in anywhere other then the thickets of a slash pine forest or a swampy mangrove estuary, that’s where I found sanctuary.
As I grew up I knew I wanted to devote my life to saving the world. I realized this was a ambitious goal and settled with the fact that it is fun trying to make the world a better place. My first class was at a junior college where I studied environmental education, it was fabulous. Later, I chose a private liberal arts school who main focus was the environment an social justice, this was Prescott College. It was a great school and a great experience, it taught me how to thinking outside the box and the importance of thinking in the outdoors. Throughout my academic journey I followed the environmental education path only to find out that it is not enough and that the field was slowly evolving science with an emphasis in robotics and technology.
Permaculture is the true environmental and earth science. It’s meaning curriculum takes students through a enlightening journey where we learn all the magical lessons of interconnectedness and interdependence. Having taken Rosemary Morrow Teacher Training Course I am eager and prepared to teach permaculture in a professional, meaningful and life-changing way. This course taught me how to be a dynamic instructor and taught me the importance of stepping back just enough. Often I want to tell my students, families and friends everything I know about the environment and the industrial agricultural system, but through this course I realized the importance of students discovering this information on the own and taking responsibility for their learning. That’s how you make real change agents in the world.
Thank you Rosemary, Robyn, Marcus and my new family for such a magical experience. It was the best course I’ve taken my entire life and has helped me break through the academia box that I have been in for so long. I look forward to teaching with you all in the future. Much gratitude and love to you all.
Ashley Moore
For some reason as young person, before I could have put the sentences together, I felt there was something not perfect about the way I was growing up. I was in an Urban environment, and had it easy, I was always active and smiling and probably an unlikely candidate to complain, but I felt something wasn’t right, I just knew the way I was living couldn’t continue. The rest of the world could’t possibly live the same, and to be honest, all around me I saw people that where detached from the mother earth. I was a consumer.
  I had lots of exposure to the real world, throughout childhood (when not in my urban setting), my parents were travellers (and it passed through to me), so by the time I reached my 23rd Birthday I had visited 30+ countries. This exposed me to a variety of cultures, and I learn’t without doubt that money doesn’t bring happiness. The happiest man I ever met actually lived the simplest life, and had suffered more than anybody else, but overcome it.
  My teenage years of Environmental studies (studying the destruction we are doing to the planet) and travels, left me mentally on the fence, I didn’t know where I stood in Humanity. I somehow forged an exciting and at the time acceptable life for myself, often escaping, using different kind of ‘highs’, plant and chemical highs, sexual highs, and natural adrenaline highs (surfing, kitesurfing etc) and I became more humble, but I didn’t have the answer, the practical and sustainable alternative. I wanted to lead by example, andpermaculture would turn out to be the ethical ‘tool box’ and philosophy that would make it possible.
 The Teacher training course we did in Miami has transformed my future and the future of those I interact with. I feel I have a family in Miami now, and I hope you all feel you have a brother in the DR. The skills, dynamics, and energisers too will come in handy throughout life as I teach what I believe to be a healthier, happier and more humble alternative to the future of humanity.
Thanks everybody. Much love from the DR!
Charlie Durrant