Thank you for your interests in our design services. Permaculture design for urban environments can range from small scale garden boxes, rain catchment, composting to full scale architectural, landscape and energy designs. We also implement systems within the home and outside the home or commercial business. We are very pleased to be serving the South Florida area. We intend to progressively enrich this area with bountiful amounts of sustainable projects.



What is permaculture?

Permaculture is a whole systems design approach using architecture, engineering and social sciences to form an integrative and regenerative living/business environment while supporting a sustainable lifestyle. It is sheer common sense in the form of preservation and enhancement of our natural systems. Quite simply, you can ask yourself these three questions to see if you are on a permaculture path:


  1. Are ‘ALL’ my actions within my home, on the land, in business and with my purchasing power eco-friendly? (for family, friends, the environment, i.e., water, soil, ocean, air, the city, etc)


  1. Am I contributing to a resilient future by supporting or participating in businesses, organizations and communities who commit to this ecological imperative?


  1. Do I ascribe to ethics and principles that guide me to a more sustainable future?


This is what we do as permaculturists – For the home, the business, the city or the community. And we do this by design.


Permaculture in the work place


(business owners such as cafes, restaurants, retailers or even high-rise buildings)


-Design structures with very high-energy efficiency and minimize pollution or toxic resources

-Design business strategies for diverse income potentials and green initiatives

-Choose appropriate and adaptable alternatives for unsustainable indus​trial resources that meet your business needs and product requirements

-Use biomimicry and other techniques to produce an enjoyable work environment for the customers and employees



Permaculture for the home


 For the Individual Apartment dweller or Family Suburban home we teach as well as design and implement:


-Strategies to reduce your carbon footprint

-Increase organic food productivity in your living environment from balconies to backyards to large scale environments and farms

-Improve indoor air quality, reduce electromagnetic fields and increase the overall wellbeing of the household

-Dramatically reduce the homes’ waste streams, build fertile soil and establish a habit of “reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose…”

-Lower the overall expenses of a home in the long-term while increasing its value and improving your health with a holistic design approach


Why do we need it?


We have fundamental needs as a human species: food, water, shelter/protection from the elements and community. Most of our fundamental needs come from VERY unsustainable practices. Permaculture has practical solutions to all of them. We meet your needs while making a positive impact today and for our future generations​. This is an imperative for shifting global consciousness from separation and scarcity, to integration and abundance.


Why Hire a Permaculture designer to do it?​


The key difference between someone creating their own organic garden, green building, water catchment, composting or other forms of sustainable initiatives into their lives and hiring a Permaculture Designer, is the years of experience in creating a very intelligent and integrative design for all of your needs to work in synergy with the environment and the ecology that surrounds you.


We dedicate our time to developing solutions through a very specific design process, saving you time, energy and money in the long run.


Our goal is to perform in the most effective, productive and ecologically viable way. We do not cut corners. The initial cost and long-term benefit in developing a good permaculture design significantly outweighs the short-term and shortsighted turnaround in comparison to cheap and unsustainable industrial approaches.


We take the time to make sure that the solutions you choose are truly Caring for the Earth, Caring for People and Creating a Bounty of good resources for you to share with your friends and family/employees and customers.


A  Personal Passion


​I started with a desire to remove all obstacles limiting my overall health and wellbeing. Shopping for organic produce and using sustainable products in the home was a great start for many years. But I chose to do more, I chose to really make a difference. So when I discovered Permaculture I was lit up like the sun! And I have been on fire ever since to create this for others. Whether it is through designing or teaching, I choose to share this passion in abundance. When I learned that permaculture was this amazing answer to all of our world problems I instantly decided to dedicate my life to making this a reality for all of us to thrive in. ​

~Déva Presence


Here you will find actual Design images and information on completed projects. If you wish to receive a quote on a design for your location please go to the CONTACT US page and tell us about your interests. We now have over 100 graduates qualified to be of service in the South Florida area. We are ready and willing to bring forth Quality food, renewable energy and natural building and habitats into your environment. Thank you.

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