Have you taken a PDC and want to share with others? Are you ready to learn how to present yourself in such a way that people feel informed, inspired and connected to your classes? This is your chance to facilitate and create group awareness in the life-long learning sector. Reskill, unlearn and embrace change while holding space to have this happen in your classes with confidence!

Apply the principles of Permaculture to the teaching of Permaculture. In this fun, interactive course, you will learn powerful techniques gleaned from the wisdom of experienced Permaculture teachers from around the globe.

What’s special about this Permaculture Teacher Training Course?
This is a 6-day Permaculture teaching course. We will cover every aspect of being an exciting and effective Permaculture educator.

Dec. 1st Thursday night from 7 – 9 is a Free intro to the TTC

Dec. 2nd – 4th: is our Dynamic Facilitation Course. This is open to anyone who wishes to learn how to be a really good teacher for any passion you would like to share with the world.

Dec. 9th – 11th: This is the Permaculture Teacher Training adjuct specific for teachers interested in teaching a PDC

Both weekends are required to complete the Permaculture Teacher Training Course.

During the training, participants develop the necessary skills to begin their teaching career with success. Whether doing workshops, event planning or training courses, you will have the tools needed to convey the philosophy of Permaculture.

Creating an effective learning environment, you will have the skills in:

• Presenting training sessions, workshops and courses in a concise, effective and creative manner.

• Presenting in a way that is accessible to various learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic).

• How to foster the right brain by letting creativity arise from individual students and in groups.

• Using games and senses to encourage natural forms of knowledge and learning.

• The ability to educate without imposing it.

• Methods and techniques for developing ease of expression in public as well as simple ways of presenting oneself.

• The goals of a PDC, its requirements, organization, publicity, its function as a tool for spreading a message and creating a foundation for new students in the field.

The course will contain a significant amount of resources for teaching all sorts of workshops and Courses for the Permaculture community.

Finally, the training happens in an atmosphere of mutual support for each participant, in a safe environment that leaves latitude for personal development, for fun and lightheartedness… to understand how to duplicate this atmosphere in their future role as a teacher

You will receive over 800 pages of valuable information on how to teach permaculture by my dearest teachers. Classes will be participatory and each attendee will get a chance to teach several times in front of the group to sharpen their skills.

Practical Information

Course will be Held from 10am to 6pm each day with two breaks and a lunch break. Some snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Location: TBA in South Florida Area

Meals are not provided

Tuition: $600 in Advance, $750 after Dec. 1st  for the 6 day teacher training. For the first weekend its $300.

You can make a payment to reserve your space here:


click on the word “Register Page” on that page to register as well.

Instructors: Marcus Thomson and other guest teachers

Bio: Marcus (Déva) is the founder and lead teacher (specializing in adult learning) with Permaculture Miami- generating sustainable designs and new designers since 2008 throughout south Florida and the world. He has produced many permaculture design projects and has lead countless workshops, events, courses and retreats in India, Thailand and Australia to Colombia, England, Spain, Scotland, Costa Rica and throughout the US. He has written over 30 blogs on his experience (in preparation for a book release) and has several articles written about him in the New Times, Natural Awakenings as well as TV/Radio interviews about his accomplishments in Miami and abroad. With hundreds of his students now expanding permaculture in our world, Marcus aims to integrate more centers for sustainable living branding Permaculture as a significant solution in today’s Re-generation!