Permaculture is an innovative framework for creating sustainable ways of living.
It is a practical method of developing ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere.
By thinking carefully about the way we use our resources – food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs – it is possible to get much more out of life by using less. We can be more productive for less effort, reaping benefits for our environment and ourselves, for now and for generations to come.

This is the essence of permaculture – the design of an ecologically sound way of living – in our households, gardens, communities and businesses. It is created by cooperating with nature and caring for the earth and its people.

Permaculture is not exclusive – its principles and practice can be used by anyone, anywhere:

City flats, yards and window boxes
Suburban and country houses/garden
Allotments and smallholdings
Community spaces
Farms and estates
Countryside and conservation areas
Commercial and industrial premises
Educational establishments
Waste ground
Permaculture encourages us to be resourceful and self-reliant. It is not a dogma or a religion but an ecological design system which helps us find solutions to the many problems facing us – both locally and globally.

A Permaculture Design Course is a life changing experience filled with fun, inspiration and empowerment. Come and share 13 fascinating days living amongst the trees, beautiful people and becoming a designer of life! You will learn about the many facets of living in harmony with the earth. This includes:

– Natural building – Alternative Energy
– Nutrient Cycling – Community Development
– Soil Restoration – Water Catchment
– Food Sovereignty …. and a whole lot more!

For Pictures from our last course at the Hostel:


A light breakfast, lunch and dinner is included with this course. All meals are vegetarian (with vegan options).

You will receive an internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate for completing the 72hr PDC.

– Hands on activities developing sustainable systems
– Staying in Tree houses and learning from experts in the field
– Exploring geodesic dome developments, swimming in a pristine spring fed pond.
– Visiting the beach and beautiful nature preserves
– Guest Teachers that are experts on plants, alternative energy, natural building, soil development, water management and community development.
– 40 dynamic and fun classes on permaculture design
– A Permaculture Design Certificate once completed
– Making new connections/friends that are aligned with your values and will support you in your endeavors


Reserve your spot now by registering at: http://permaculturemiami.com/courses/registration/

$300 deposit reserves your space and an early bird price of just $1000! ($1200 after September 2016)

This includes the 72hr course, a private/or shared room (as space allows) 3 meals a day, morning movement (yoga) classes and all Hostel activities and class activities.



Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 5.57.44 PM

A vision from Hostel in the forest:

We see that nature’s creatures, including humans, animals, birds and insects share the same land in a unique manner. Inspired by the creativity found in the natural environment, we have transformed our ideas into actions by having an organic vegetable garden used in our dinners each night, recycling our wastes, having a cutting-edge gray-water system, watering plants with a solar powered irrigation system, and using a worm box that composts our table scraps into fertilizer for the garden. Hostel members sleep in tree houses, hike the T-trails through the 133 acre forest, swim and paddle canoes in the lake, take part in the healing process of walking our labyrinth, participate in the sweat lodges held on the nights of the full moon, eat a healthy vegetarian or vegan meal each night, and attend the many educational retreats and lectures designed to teach us how to move toward a wholesome and more sustainable future.




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“Permaculture Miami gave me the inspiration and knowledge that has allowed me to pursue my dreams. It put me in the position to start asking valuable questions. Not only did this course ignite my desire to grow food, but also it’s given me a set of practical tools to take action while engaging others.


I am so grateful to Marcus for his ability to inspire us to look within but never leaving us without a place to start. He is an excellent resource and is always willing to share. This course is a blessing; it will be a useful foundation to anyone looking to make a difference.”


-Aly Lewis