Fair Share is the Third Ethic of Permaculture. At Permaculture Miami, we have tools to empower you to do more. Become a member and get access to loads of discounts and the permaculture resources you need.  We also have opportunities for you to give back to the development of our community and earth as a whole. Volunteer with us at permaculture projects in your local area of South Florida. Donate to Permaculture Miami and we will funnel your donations to developing more sustainable places for all of us to grow and enjoy.




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By becoming a member you will instantly be part of a sustainable movement. Our membership perks and online resources provide our members with unprecedented learning opportunities, like access to our unique online community, access to many pdf’s and e-books, Discounts on core classes and workshops and many more.


Join the adventure and be part for the team!

  • Meet great people and network
  • Gain new friendships
  • Acquire new job skills
  • Enhance your resume
  • Create potential opportunities for new doors to open
  • Develop career goals
  • Participate and impact your community


There are many volunteering opportunities available with Permaculture Miami. Apply now and see which field you are most interested in and make a difference while acquiring new knowledge and making new friends!



Make a donation - make a difference!

Your donation to us will serves the greater good of humanity.  the contribution gives power to the sustainable movement in South Florida and across the globe. We provide solutions to our world crisis with community outreach, building community resilience and scholarship funds to educate others to do the same.  It allows us to spread knowledge to our surrounding neighbors and equip them with sustainable & health education.  Your contribution will also help a passionate student to complete a full PDC course.