About the Teacher

Marcus Thomson (Déva) is the founder and lead teacher (specializing in adult learning) with Permaculture Miami- generating sustainable designs and new designers since 2008 throughout south Florida and the world. He has produced many permaculture design projects and has led countless workshops, events, courses and retreats in India, Thailand and Australia to Colombia, England, Spain, Scotland, Costa Rica, Cuba and throughout the US. He has written over 30 blogs on his experience which ultimately became a traveling memoir. He has several articles written about him in the Biscayne Times, Natural Awakenings as well as TV/Radio interviews about his accomplishments in Miami and abroad. With hundreds of his students now expanding permaculture in our world, Déva aims to integrate more centers for sustainable living branding Permaculture as a significant solution in today’s Re-generation!


Déva is also known for being an accomplished writer and musician. His book, “Reap, Sow, Grow” is a memoir of his experiences as a permaculturist seeing the world with renewed senses. It takes you on a journey beginning in Japan and continues through Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia with Déva seeking out ecovillages, performing at festivals and teaching workshops at permaculture sites. Memoirs also include his times in Miami, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, many parts of Europe as well as the International Permaculture Convergence in Cuba. For more information on how to purchase the book, please visit: www.reapsowgrow.org


Permaculture Miami for many who know the term almost sounds like an oxymoron. The idea of a large Metropolitan area being sustainable seems far fetched.  Responding to that notion, we have planted a prominent mark of Permaculture right in the heart of Miami. We at Permaculture Miami are now expanding the awareness and outlook of our eco-future by educating and empowering people through courses and design services offered within the south Florida area.  We believe there is more then enough food, water, land and resources to create a sustainably living ecological system right here! Right now! And we need your help! Join with us, create with us, plant with us, teach with us! Let's make a difference

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