Did you know that weeds are the saviors of the soil? That composting can be fun and creating good soil is sexy? That all of nature exists in a beautiful symbiotic relationship?

Almost anyone can teach a subject or a class but it takes a special kind of teacher to awaken your passion and reignite that same childhood enthusiasm for life. Through music, games, interactive skill building and good old fashioned, hands in the dirt, teaching methods I learned to reawaken my connection to the earth and to other people. That we are all connected and responsible to one another and the future inhabitants of this beautiful planet.

More than a class, this was a deeply moving, spiritual experience for me. And my teachers Marcus Thomson and Richard G Powell are paving the way for new generations of Earth Warriors. Get back to the Earth, get back to yourself.


-Laurel Fish


“Permaculture Miami gave me inspiration and knowledge that will me allow to pursue my dreams. It has put me in a position where I’m starting to ask valuable questions. I’m ignited with this desire to grow food and share the abundance! Im grateful to Marcus, our teacher for his outstanding ability to inspire us to look within but never leaving us without a place to start. He is an excellent resource and is always willing to share. This course is a blessing ; it will be a useful foundation to anyone looking to make a difference.”

-Aly Lewis