OUR NEXT DESIGN COURSE IS NOVEMBER 3RD – 15TH 2016 at the Hostel in the Forest. event information here:



Hello Eco-Activist!

Thank you for being ready to embark on a life changing experience to empower YOU to make an even greater difference in your life and the world! We have had the honor of guiding hundreds to a more impactful and joyful life! And now it’s your chance to join us in being the change the world needs – today!

You’re in the right place if you’re experiencing:

-An excitement for helping the earth, plants and animals while deepening your connection with others who want to do the same.

-A burning desire to re-skill yourself in growing your own food, creating alternative energy, community development with land and water preservation, living in a naturally built home sharing your new found abundance.

-A yearning to do something purpose-filled with your life!


What’s included:

– Hands on activities developing sustainable systems
– Camping at Organic Permaculture Farms and Fruit orchards to learn from experts in the field hands on
– Visiting Suburban permaculture homes that are above grid and surrounded by edible forest gardens
– Visiting botanical gardens and beautiful nature preserves
– Guest Teachers that are experts on plants, alternative energy, natural building, soil development, water management and community development.
– dynamic and fun classes on permaculture design
– A Permaculture Design Certificate once completed
– Making new connections/friends that are aligned with your values and will support you in your endeavors

If you are interested in truly empowering humanity to live on the highest level possible then we ask you to join us as we learn how to create a truly abundant future!

Choose from our calendar of events to begin diving into workshops. Each workshop gives you credits toward completing your PDC. Once complete you will graduate with a design certificate in Permaculture.


we offer:
72 hour permaculture design certificates
50 hour advanced permaculture design certificates
6 day teacher training course
weekend to 2 week retreats


To register CLICK HERE



Full Course $1,200

3 Monthly payments of $450




What to Bring

  • If you are camping please bring your own tent and camping gear.
    natural Bug spray and sunblock as we will be outdoors at times
    Any medication you need or herbal remedies
    Snacks for in between lunch breaks
    Laptop or Notebooks, pens, pencil to take notes
    A personal water bottle
    Please check weather forecast before coming to ensure you have proper clothes and blankets, rain gear, etc.
    Colored pencils and pens and drafting paper are also helpful when creating your final design.
  • Gloves and tools if workshop is hands on.


Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture Miami is pleased to offer you one of Florida’s premiere Permaculture Design Courses! We are excited to give you an unforgettable journey throughout South Florida where you will receive your internationally-recognized Permaculture Design Certificate. In this comprehensive course you will benefit from close instruction from experienced permaculture designers and Course Instructors as we thoroughly delve into subjects such as:

– Permaculture Ethics
– Principles of Design
– Stacking Functions
– Natural Building
– Alternative Energy
– Soil and Composting
– Food Forestry
– Greywater Harvesting
– Watershed management
– Community Development
– and MUCH more!

Get Away

Retreats and Special Events, Eco-tourism and More

Our Retreats happen in different eco-resorts and other beautiful locations around the world. Check the calander of events for details.