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PermacultureMiami  Courses

  • Food Forestry
  • Solar Installation (theoretical and practical)
  • Growing all your own food. (theoretical and practical)
  • Designing and Planting Windbreaks (Practical)
  • Water Catchment (practical)
  • Vermaculture (worm bin) design (practical)
  • Community Development and Training (practical)
  • Cob Construction (Practical)
  • Grey Water Systems (practical)
  • Compost Toilet Design (practical)
  • Composting From Start to Finish (practical)
  • Biogas Digester (practical)
  • Riprarian Edge and Wet Bog Productive Systems (theoretical and Practical)
  • Local and Social Development (theoretical and Practical)
  • Rocket Stove and Developing an Outdoor Kitchen (cob) (theoretical and Practical)
  • Survival Training (Practical)