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We are currently taking applications for Scholarships for our upcoming Permaculture design course and workshops. The way this looks like, is that you pay the minimum deposit of $500 for the design course and the remaining amount can be bartered in our creative exchange program. Please send me an email with the name of the workshop you are interested in, and the amount you can pay.  Write up as to why you need a scholarship and what else you wish to provide in exchange for the discount. All exchange must be completed prior to the beginning of the design course/workshop.

Please send an email sharing with us about yourself, why you are interested in the scholarship and what you plan to do with what you learned in this course/workshop once completed. This will give us a chance to get to know you to see if you qualify for the Scholarship program. There are a few options provided within this exchange program.

I am currently looking for a Web designer, Music producer, Marketing Assistance, Professional Gardener, and other creative exchanges.

Another option is that you help us promote our Permaculture Design Course or Workshop you are attending. If you get 3 people to sign up and pay in full for the Design Course, you will receive a 50% scholarship benefit discount. Or you can receive a referral fee reduction of $100 off per person you sign up for the design course and 20% off the workshop fee.

If you are a couple who would like to do the design course together, you can receive a $100 discount for each partner. Just pay for the course in full and bring proof that you are together (any proof is fine) and we will reimburse you the discount at the beginning of the course.

Previous permaculture design students that have a current certificate, are eligible for the same student discount. Just show us your design certification and you can pay for the course at $500. No workshop discounts apply.

Other forms of creative exchange are welcomed and encouraged. Please feel free to make your suggestions. Limited amount of scholarships are available. There is only one work exchange scholarship available ‘during’ the course/workshop,  please inquire about it.

Thank you and good luck!

Step 1: Make the Payment on the Payment page.

Step 2: Please send your Scholarship write up to:

Step 3: Smile! We love you! :-)


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