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Thank you for your interest in our design services. Permaculture design for urban environments can range from small scale garden boxes, rain catchment, to full designs, implementing systems within the home and outside the home or commercial businesses. We are pleased to be serving throughout the South Florida area. We intend to progressively enrich this area with bountiful amounts of sustainable design systems.

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Under this Tab you will find actual Design images and information on completed designs by Marcus Thomson. If you wish to recieve a quote on a design for your location please go to the CONTACT US page and tell us about your interests. We now have over 50 graduates qualified to be of service in the South Florida area. We are ready and willing to be of service. Thank you.

Check out this wonderful write up on a design I did in Golden Beach, Miami.

Coastal Design (click here)

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Great Article on what Permaculture design can provide for those interest in food production CLICK HERE


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