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Permaculture is a way into a more concious world, therefore, a more concious life. By having a more concious life you realize that there are no such thing as problems and that we are not lacking anything. We live in abundance and balance which is recognized by the permaculture principles. Therefore, permaculture brings an awareness that aligns with nature bringing us back to the one original feeling of being part of this amazing universe. It is a great experience to get together with like minded people that are out on the search to CREATE alternative ways of living. The 12 day intensive is a great way to feel closer to living the permaculture life. And you get to know interesting, fun and amazing people that are the change. Marcus is a patient, loving and creative teacher, as well as, an eternal student. He shared his knowledge and showed us how music, love and permaculture can change your perspective on life. I am very happy to have had this experience and hope to have many more. I would encourage people who are looking to be the change to start here!

~ Diana Sanchez, PDC 12 day intensive October 2014.


Marcus to you, I am forever grateful. You have enlightened me and my family . Thanks to you our lives have completely changed. I went from owning a landscaping company to selling everything and moving to the middle of no where to live independent sustainable and truly free. You are an amazing teacher, extremely dedicated to what you believe. You focused on our energy, attention and were efficient at educating your students. You used creative and fun teaching methods and created a strong bond between us. You were very kind and sharing and invite us into your realm . I feel that permaculture is the best solution for disease, manipulation of ignorance, and the corruption that is going on in our planet. I fully stand behind you. I will help you and your vision in what ever way I can to make this planet a better place . Thank you Marcus

Alexander Perez

I caught the permaculture bug a little over 2 years ago.  David Laws, introduced me to a beautifully written, straight from the soul book, called “the one straw revolution” by Masanobu Fukuoka.   I remember reading that book and it having stirred something inside of me, awaked my sense of wonder, and set me on an amazing journey that consciously began at Earth Learning in Homestead  (where I met David, Jason, Carolina)  and eventually led me to Marcus’ inspiring class.  This has all been a true blessing. Thank you Marcus, Rosemary, Robin, and fellow classmates for inspiring me in your own unique ways to become a better student and a better teacher!
  I wish you all abundance in your lives in every way
Santiago Arroyo (teacher training Feb. 2014)

About 8 years ago I embarked on my first real learning experience. By real I mean it reflected the way I believed we she should all be taught and thus, learn. My teachers–Mother Earth and Community…of all sorts.  The first of those communities was a Quilombo. In the past, quilombos were settlements created by escaped Afro-Brazilian slaves and eventually any other that escaped Brazilian oppression. These were completely self-sustaining, ecologically integrated, culturally rich communities.

In the Late 80s the Brazilian Constitution established that titles of collective land tenure would be granted to rural communities that descended from former fugitive slaves. Thanks to this, Creator moved things in the most magical of ways so that, inadvertently, I would end up amidst a Quilombo in a place I arrived to by simply closing my eyes and placing my finger on a map.  There I learnt Ecology, History, Geography, Dance, Martial Arts, Anthropology, Sociology, Crafts, Song, and above all it was there were I discovered ABUNDANCE.  Overwhelming abundance. Seriously… my heart almost couldn’t take it. It was amazing how everyone learnt everything TOGETHER and everybody taught without purposely standing out as teachers.

With all this said, all I want to add is that this course was a reflection of that experience. Everything was beautifully orchestrated and perfectly coordinated so that I could leave feeling empowered by the richness and abundance of these learning processes. The tools that were provided and what was shared amongst all of us showed me that I can intentionally create a space for learning such as that which naturally occurred in the Quilombo.  One of the most enriching aspects was watching you ALL apply and express all these methods, and ethics, and wisdom about teaching in your own unique ways.  In essence, this course was Permaculture at its finest.

Blessings to all… always.
Carolina Alzate (took the teacher training course, Feb. 2014)


Did you know that weeds are the saviors of the soil? That composting can be fun and creating good soil is sexy? That all of nature exists in a beautiful symbiotic relationship?

Almost anyone can teach a subject or a class but it takes a special kind of teacher to awaken your passion and reignite that same childhood enthusiasm for life. Through music, games, interactive skill building and good old fashioned, hands in the dirt, teaching methods I learned to reawaken my connection to the earth and to other people. That we are all connected and responsible to one another and the future inhabitants of this beautiful planet.

More than a class, this was a deeply moving, spiritual experience for me. And my teachers Marcus Thomson and Richard G Powell are paving the way for new generations of Earth Warriors. Get back to the Earth, get back to yourself.

Laurel Fish


“Permaculture Miami gave me inspiration and knowledge that will me allow to pursue my dreams. It has put me in a position where I’m starting to ask valuable questions.  I’m ignited with this desire to grow food and share the abundance! Im grateful to Marcus, our teacher for his outstanding ability to inspire us to look within but never leaving us without a place to start. He is an excellent resource and is always willing to share. This course is a blessing ; it will be a useful foundation to anyone looking to make a difference.”

-Aly Lewis



I came away from Marcus Thomson’s Permaculture Design Course with the
realization that Permaculture represents the lifeline those who are concerned
about our planet’s future have been looking for. Permaculture can save the
world! The best way to describe the course is to say that it is a truly holistic
approach to life on Earth, circumscribing as it does principles of land ethics,
people ethics, human and natural relationships, sustainable systems, perennial
edible landscaping, and natural resource conservation, all within the framework of the principles of ecology. Permaculture can be applied at any scale in any setting: urban, suburban, rural, even hundred- acre landscapes. The course has given me a new way to look at all aspects of my 65-acre farm, and it is very exciting to begin designing systems based on Permaculture.

Marcus teaches the course with a warm intensity that flows straight from his
heart. He knows his subject well and it is easy to see that he believes very
strongly in what he is doing. Interspersed between actual class instruction are
activities which not only reinforce the concepts being taught but which help to
bring participants together as a group. The camaraderie and friendship that
results is a wonderful fringe benefit of the course. The food offered during the
course was always prepared with fresh ingredients and was truly scrumptious
and energizing. I highly recommend this course for anyone who seeks the
knowledge and tools for living a more sustainable life on our fragile planet.

–John Shober, Head River Georgia
Permaculture Design Course, Tranquility Campgrounds, Mentone, Alabama
April 2013


Permaculture Persuasion Poem by Cory Traistaru

Conjure these words that may seem absurd to the scorchers and tortuterers of  Mother Earth that haven’t absorbed a slur about permaculture; which creates armies of earth soldiers which deter from ideas that lurk into building infrastructures over her.I dedicate this time to educate the minds about much more than contour lines and fine grape vines, more along the lines of how it all intertwines when everything’s combined in a simple yet intricate design.One life nourishes another, what a wonder that an organism provides shade above her, it takes a lover of nature to observe the bumblebee just under that hovers, pollinating  the flowers that cover the milkweeds where butterflies flutter, next to that trees shelter the dove birds, there is no other Mother Earth makes sense of clutter, automatic rutters make this engine run smooth like butter, flexibility like rubber, the universe is the number one stunner with feats of symmetry and consistencies of patterns that leak onto every tree and every bee even you and me ultimately every human being. A mixture of matter and energy coming together and forming the boggling mystery of how it all came to be into a single self sustaining organism what a miraculous paradigm that I’m put in my position for a sole proposition of perpetuation of the living. Our purpose is to mimic the patterns that we live in and work with what were given and so the process can be driven. Plan a design for abundance, when man cant perceive benefit the one chance at an answer may seem redundant, why not mass produce one plant? The reason for this method is to reciprocate what’s embedded in the natural design that threaded through many generations stating that life needs relations to flourish in its basic form of creation. Sacred geometry is no anomaly. It’s obviously the top of the most probably one thing we were meant to be doing properly, why else would it exist naturally all around me.

There’s such hypocracy it’s possibly the key to autonomy and mankind ignores this philosophy and it bothers me but permaculture brings me a lotta peace. Forgetting about economy and flowing with ecology What I need these words to mean is to think diversity and go along these vertices that ensure sustainability and maximize efficiency and be a prodigy of the god we see all around in these natural garden schemes.

Through these classes ive Mastered the classic way of attraction through these permie glasses my new eyes appreciate all that passes. The study of these designs give hope to the future, that the lives that have been uprooted can in fact be sutured. So I give gratitude to have the latitude to sit here with an open attitude to hear what I have to say in a way that portrays everything that may seem mundane gives hope that we all can lay in abundance one day.

But it’s up to us, if we may…
Cory Traistaru


Taking the Permaculture Design Course with Marcus Thomson was one of the best experiences that I’ve had in terms of building my education and relationships, not only with my cohorts but with nature. From day one you can feel the enthusiasm and passion that Marcus has for Permaculture, which integrates science, design, social structure and human’s interaction with their environment and each other. The 12 Principles of Permaculture, learned in the class, are transferable to many realms besides permaculture which makes this science versatile, practical and lends itself to creative thinking. Taking this course will give you the foundation needed to build upon your personal goals for sustainability, the hands-on experience needed to make the textbook concepts come to life and friends who will help you along the way. You will LOVE it.

Andrea Opel


Deanne Ziadie - When I think of Marcus Thompson and what he practices with Permaculture Miami, the best way I could describe it is:  Balanced-Action!
Take time slow down and design. Slow down understand the elements around you know the intention and get into it, take action. This is a simple principle that speaks great wisdom with any action in life.  His approach to teaching is engaging leaving you with a great feeling of a sense of duty to life and sustainable community.
Deanne Ziadie


Judith Gulko - People! If you are considering taking Marcus’s permaculture design class, do not hesitate a moment longer! Jump in with both feet, head, heart and hands. I took this class two years ago and it was a transformative, life-changing paradigm-shifting experience! It starts with learning how to align and design WITH nature – for growing food, communities, psyches and souls….. you learn how to be conscious about energy in all its facets in your life: from the path you walk, to every dollar you make and spend….. where do you put and reinforce your energy? How do you align your self and community with the source of life? How do we source ourselves and the world with overflowing abundance without waste? And have a great time doing so? Take this opportunity to learn from this dedicated, knowledgeable and engaging teacher NOW! See you on field trips future permie siblings! Knowledge up! ♥

Juan Carrasquilla

Para mi fue una experiencia inolvidable, donde mi vida cambio y la veo desde otro punto de vista !!! Se aprende mucho y es un trabajo de campo y es ahí donde uno puede darse cuenta como trabaja la naturaleza en general. Marcus es un excelente profesor con un gran corazón lo que le facilita la enseñanza.

Através del tiempo y de todos sus viajes ha ganado mucha experiencia en como hacer la permacultura la razón de vivir de nuestra generación y las que vienen . Todo esto hace que se le facilite el poder trasmitir todo ese conocimiento !!!!

Tatiana Devere

Words cannot depict how profoundly the Permaculture course has impacted my life. After completing the certification course, I have noticed a positive improvement in living a “green lifestyle” as well as a shift in my very perceptions of the world around me. I signed up for this course within a few days of reading over the website and facebook page. While the extent of the study of Permaculture was unfamiliar to me, simply reading the course description triggered a resonance in my heart, as my lifelong desire is to live a more balanced, harmonious, sustainable lifestyle. My experience consisted of so much more than “taking a class’, as Marcus embodies the genuine spirit of a teacher role, he was able to impart information while simultaneously allowing hands-on interaction to solidify practice and principles. His work truly extends beyond the “classroom setting”, as he weaves a wonderful web of network and community that I now feel inextricability apart of. Taking this course, feels to me, as a return to home – a home in which the Earth takes center stage both making and receiving medicine as the global community endeavors to ratify a non-sustainable model of living. The beauty of the study of Permaculture is in its readily accessible integration and practice. You don’t need a Masters in Ecology to understand this stuff, nor do you need to be a seasoned gardener to begin creating a more luscious verdant world in your immediate surrounds (whether they be an urban apartment, abandoned lot, or 500 acre plot of land). That being said, Marcus’ extensive background provides an inexhaustible reference for his students. If you are considering studying this wonderful movement, please do so without abandon. Together we can be the change the world needs.

One Love

Tatiana Devere

AMBER SHANNON ~”Wow! Where do I start?! Let’s just say I am not the same person I was before taking the Permaculture Design Course with Marcus. It was deeply experiential, has reconnected me with nature, and completely shifted the way I see this beautiful world we live in. Through his integrative teaching style, Marcus helped me to remove the lenses of complication that I didn’t even realize I was looking through. Now, instead of chaos, confusion, and problems, I see opportunities, possibilities, and clear, simple solutions. Where I once saw separation and division, I now see unmistakable oneness, unity – in nature and beyond. In just six weeks, I was blessed with so many beautiful new friends, became part of a wonderful international community of like-minded people, and gained a wealth of practical knowledge and hands-on experience that is serving as a solid foundation from which I am continuing to grow and blossom from on this exciting journey. If you feel drawn to the course, then it’s not a question of whether to take it, it’s a question of when to take it. And once you do, it won’t be a question of how far will Permaculture take you, but rather, how far do you want to take Permaculture? There are no limits my friends, opportunities abound! Apply the principles at home or share them with the world, it’s all up to you. Sending you peace and blessings of abundance, and I look forward to connecting with you!” ~ Amber Shannon

Brin Hallock -  First and foremost, Marcus has the greatest wealth of knowledge and experience that he unconditionally wants to share and let everyone be apart of.  His ability to view the world, nature, and people from such a non-judgemental frame of mind makes him truly a gifted teacher and remarkable person.

I went into this course thinking it would help me understand how to make my home more sustainable.  What I walked a way with was so much more, not just the practical knowledge of how to make changes with what I have but the focus to do so much more beyond my property.  It has given me a confidence and purpose to do better for myself, those around me and those far from me.  Before taking the course, whether it was the challenge of my garden, or the challenges of overcoming the damage we’ve done to our environment, it all seemed too overwhelming to tackle as an individual, but the perspective I’ve gained from the Permaculture course helped realize that change is possible, that there is actually hope for something better for myself in ways I never imagined and the for all of us who want a cleaner, more productive world.  The course gave me the tools and confidence to start making those changes in whatever way i can, however small, and move forward to be a contributing human being towards a positive future.  With the community being built from the permaculture world, that hope is greater than I could have imagined.

Steve Hathorn

Hello Everyone!
This is not just your usual boilerplate testimonial sending out accolades and recognition. This is about the topic of Permaculture Design AND the Presenter and the Presentation throughout the entire course!!
If you are sitting on the fence and have not made the decision with regard to investing in your future, yes I said investing in possibly a future life saving course for you and your loved ones. I very fondly refer to Permaculture Design as part of my SURVIVAL KIT OF KNOWLEDGE and so will you after finishing the course.

Marcus Thomson the presenter, teacher and mentor of Permaculture of Miami is indeed in tune with everything regarding this topic as much as he is in tune with himself. He lives, eats and breathes the Permaculture philosophy, adding to his ever growing bank of knowledge with the passing of each year. Always on a quest for the latest innovation in design structure and techniques. When making his presentation to his class, you instantly know that he has an abundant wealth of knowledge, that he cannot get enough time in the day to tell you what he wants to teach you. Do you pay attention? Absolutely.. you listen to every word, you automatically participate in class discussions, there is so much information, you will want to know more. Include the field trips to various locations and see first hand for yourself the wonders of the Permaculture concept and the abundance that is your reward at harvest time. You cant help being excited about the confidence that is growing inside of you when all of the pieces of the PERMACULTURE PUZZLE fit together. At the finish of the course you will realize that you can live abundantly and sustainably whether you are growing in a coffee can, five gallon bucket, 1 acre or a hundred, you are only limited to your own imagination in designing your future needs the Permaculture way. I threw out what I knew of farming and growing, opened my mind and learned an extremely valuable lesson that will never be taken away, I say thank you Marcus for giving value to your course of study. I truly enjoyed it all. Add the camaraderie you have with all who are learning with you, new friends who will last a lifetime. Truly one of the best decisions in investment I have ever made.


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SuOm Francis  my experience with the permaculture course:

First of all I must state my gratitude to Marcus for being an inspiration and driving force behind the opportunity to offer a well rounded and truly holistic permaculture course in Miami.

The course was in itself a constantly developing learning-teaching experience, and a space where ideas and possibilities were realized. The course accomodates a relaxed but efficient learning method of concepts but incorporates holistic wellness which sets the mood for learning and developing as a group. I feel that I truly became part of a family and felt so inspired that I currently live in New Mexico and have started to work on instilling permaculture principles through the Community and Regional Planning program at the University of New Mexico; a program I have called : Holistic Wellness through sustainable development.
Thank you Marcus and Permie Family

Priscilla Carolyn

My PermaCulture Experience:

Last year I took the PermaCulture class with Marcus. It was an unforgettable experience that has radically changed my perspective on the world and more importantly, it gave a sense of empowerment in a world filled with despair.

When I signed up for the class, I imagined that we would be learning mostly about gardening and farming, but soon realized that PermaCulture is much more than that. It is about creating awareness and reestablishing community. It is about designing sustainable systems that allow us to thrive in abundance instead of living paycheck to paycheck. There are so many possibilities and opportunities for us to break this linear cycle of scarcity that has been created by our current economic and political systems.

That is some of what I learned in this unique course. I could go on and on about what I learned, but the most important thing PermaCulture has taught me, is to think and live creatively. Thinking “outside the box” is necessary for true change and ultimately, for our evolution. As Einstein said, “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

So was it worth it…? Without a doubt!


Priscilla Carolyn

Permaculture Yogi Angie G.

I must agree with Su Om my Former class mate In last years course class of 2010 . I’m very thankful for the dedication patience and deep insight that comes though Marcus’s teachings. This training opens your perceptions and it becomes an awakening to what is happening in the world around us. It also offers tons of positive solutions that you can offer to your self , to your family , community and the world in an expanding circle of influence that grows from with. But we must first become it… what we want to receive from the world, to me permaculture has been a catalyst to my growth. I’m currently designing and in the process of creating a permaculture community that will bring this much needed information to a little corner of the world .
Thank You Permaculture Miami

Much Love,

Permaculture Yogi Angie G.

Jason Fitzroy Jeffers

So you’re worried about the future. You’re concerned about the possibility of an economic collapse, and just how you’re going to feed your family. You want to learn how to grow food, you want to learn how to live a more sustainable, satisfying life. You don’t want the world to fall down all around you.

A lot of people run to permaculture to figure out how to survive, but come away with much more than that – they learn how to thrive by redefining their relationship with the natural world and the people on this planet. It’s about conceiving a life, a culture and a society that gives as much as it takes. It’s about coming to a shockingly pragmatic understanding of just you can live in abundance. I now have a practical understanding of just how all this is possible thanks to taking classes with Marcus Thomson and Permaculture Miami.

Now, rather than wondering if nothing less than the apocalypse is upon us, I see this moment in time as a tremendous opportunity to build a new way of life for myself and my community, whether that’s through organic farming, defining alternate forms of currency, natural health, renewable energy sources or simply the way I interact with the world around me. As such, I would recommend this class to anyone with concerns about the state of the world today and their role in it. Permaculture will point you in the direction of so many of the answers you’ve been seeking.


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