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Déva’s (Marcus Thomson’s) Bio:

Déva is the founder and lead teacher (specializing in dynamic teaching for adult learners) with Permaculture Miami- generating sustainable designs and new designers since 2008 throughout south Florida and the world.  He has produced many permaculture design projects and has led countless workshops, events, courses and retreats in India, Thailand and Australia to Colombia, England, Spain, Scotland, Costa Rica, Cuba and throughout the US. He has written over 30 blogs on his experience (in preparation for a book release) and has several articles written about him in the New Times, Natural Awakenings as well as TV/Radio interviews about his accomplishments in Miami and abroad.  With hundreds of his students now expanding permaculture in our world, Déva aims to integrate more centers for sustainable living branding Permaculture as a significant solution in today’s Re-generation!

Extended Bio about Myself:

Light and Delight

I am originally from Jamaica and was raised in Fort Lauderdale, south Florida. I have a BA in Philosophy and studied health and wellness since 2000. During that time, I did fitness shows, became a personal trainer, a yoga instructor and lectured on health, wellness and spirituality. I also did workshops and classes on Tai chi, qi gong, reiki, Kundalini yoga, Capoeira and building healthy relationships. My other deep passions are being a musician, dancing, and eating raw, ripe, organic tropical fruits!

Ever since childhood I always had a passion about the natural environment being in love with trees, lakes, the sky and playing in natural surroundings. Through my strong desires of creating optimum health, I ventured into growing my own food and living in a small city oasis at the Earth-n-us farms in Little Haiti, Miami, FL. I volunteered at this amazing urban Oasis for three years applying permaculture principles, hosting PDC courses, workshops and special events.

After taking my design course in 2010, I completed my Permaculture teacher training course with the amazing Rosemary Morrow at Permaculture Research Institute in Australia and will be continuing to expand the community at permaculturemiami.com. I furthered my studies with Kat Steele and other teachers at Esalen in Big Sur taking an advanced course on Urban gardening design. I have contributed to several permaculture sub-urban designs in Miami since 2009 and I intend to create a permaculture center in Miami and on our land in Mentone, Alabama for people to learn and experience sustainable design systems.

I now travel the world working with and experiencing sustainable projects and permaculture sites.

Some places I have visited (too many to list):

Cob Cottage – Coquille, Oregon www.cobcottage.com/

La Granja de Mama Lulu – Colombia http://granjademamalulu.blogspot.com/

Punta Mona – Costa Rica http://puntamona.org/

Earthship – Taos, NM http://earthship.org/

Esalen – Big Sur, CA www.esalen.org

Earth Haven – Black Mountain, NC  www.earthaven.org

Ashevillage – Asheville, NC  www.kleiwerks.orgwww.ashevillage.org

ECHO Farms – Fort Myers, FL www.echonet.org

The Venus Project – Venus, FL www.thevenusproject.com

The Farm – Summertown, TN www.thefarm.org

Pachamama – Nosara, Costa Rica www.pachamama.com

OAEC – Occidental, CA www.oaec.org

RDI – Bolinas, CA www.regenerativedesign.org

LA Ecovillage – Los Angeles, CA www.laecovillage.org

Govardhan Gardens – Mayaguaz, Puerto Rico www.organicfarm.net

Panya Project – Chiang Mai, Thailand www.panyaproject.org

Tacomepai – Pai, Thailand www.tacomepai.com

Phangan Earthworks – Koh Phangan, Thailand www.phanganearthworks.com

Green school – Bali, Indonesia www.greenschool.org

PRI – The Channon, Australia www.permaculture.org.au

Tropical Fruit World – Gold Coast, Australia www.tropicalfruitworld.com.au

Northey Street City Farm – Brisbane, Australia www.northeystreetcityfarm.org.au

PCA (Djanbung Gardens) – Nimbin, Australia www.permaculture.com.au

Konohana Family IC – Fuji, Japan www.konohana-family.org

Sustainable living Kampong – Singapore www.groundupinitiative.org/

Green Circle Farms – Singapore www.greencircle.com.sg

Corga da Pereira – Central Portugal www.corgadapereira.wordpress.com/

Vale Da Lama – South Portugal www.valedalama.net/

Tamera – Portugal www.tamera.org/

Martin Crawford’s Forest Garden – Totnes, England http://agroforestry.co.uk/

Findhorn Ecovillage – Scotland http://www.findhorn.org/

Ängsbacka Community – Sweden http://en.angsbacka.se/

Sustainable Kashi Ashram – Sebastian, FL http://www.sustainablekashi.com/

Hostel in the Forest – Brunswick, GA http://www.foresthostel.com/

My intention is to follow suit with these permaculture principles where ever life may lead me, knowing that all things are gracefully received as I give out my creative expression in divine perfection.

About us: Permaculture Miami for many who know the term almost sounds like an oxymoron. The idea of a large Metropolitan area being sustainable seems far fetched.  Responding to that notion, we have planted a prominent mark of Permaculture right in the heart of Miami; obliterating any position stagnating the sustainability of this city. We at Permaculture Miami are now expanding the awareness and outlook of our eco-future by educating and empowering people through courses and projects offered within the south Florida area.  We believe there is more then enough food, water, land and resources to create a sustainably living ecological system right here! Right now! And we need your help! Join with us, share with us, plant with us, teach with us!

Let’s change the world…


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