E A R T H   C A R E

Design your home, business, or acreage to produce abundantly sustainable goods while living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Grow organic food while restoring nature
  • Build your dream green home or business powered by alternative energy
  • Cleanse and preserve our water resources



 P E O P L E   C A R E

Participate in a workshop, retreat or permaculture design course (PDC) to re-skill and restore your life.

  • Hands-on Training, Teacher Training, Composting, Food Forestry, Water Harvesting
  • Bio-intensive Gardening, Community Development, Urban Edible Landscapes
  • Appropriate Technology, Disaster Preparedness, Energy Efficiency



  F A I R    S H A R E

Become a Member and get free gifts and discounts on books, products, classes and more! Share your gifts with us! Donate or Volunteer and be apart of the change.

  • Educate yourself with permaculture books
  • Eco-items for your sustainable lifestyle
  • Sign Up to Volunteer at farms projects and more


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